März 2

Are you a hoarder, a collector, a retrophiliac, or just bad at chucking things out? Or are you decluttering on a regular basis, only keeping the things you need, as Minimalism would have us do?

Or maybe you are just getting a new bathroom.

“Retro”, as we know, is preferable to “old stuff”, and fetches a much better price at the jumble sale, flea market, car boot sale, second-hand-shop, vintage boutique and all the other places where hoarders get a chance to offload their, erm, elderly possessions.

What old stuff do you own? Which heirlooms, found objects, trinkets and tat would you never part from? Why would you never give them away? Which items would you like to pass on to someone else, but your sense of nostalgia keeps you from doing so?

You see, there is a writing exercise in that, if you want. Or a speaking exercise, if you have a fellow language learner or audio recorder handy. And you can read other people’s stories.

Now, be a hoarder: How many words do you find in this post that describe people who keep or like old things? How many words describe “stuff”? And how many words mean “to give away”? Can you think of any others? How many synonyms do you know for “old”?


Days of the Year, Old Stuff

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