How do we work?

My aim is to help you achieve your language goals. To do this, we are focusing on your targets, experience, context and interests.

We are following a process that is:

  • personalised
  • goal oriented
  • collaborative
  • directed at building sustainable learning habits

So how does it work?


Initial conversation: we discuss your learning goals, talk about your previous experience, your learning context and the time available to you.


Progress plan: we agree on your priorities and the steps you want to take next. I write up the agenda we have set and send it to you. Once you agree to this, we get started with the training.


Sessions: Each session lasts 45 minutes. Depending on your time commitments, you might choose to work in longer blocks of 90 minutes. At the end of each session, we decide on some actions for you to take (call it homework if you will). I send you a report of the session so you keep a clear focus on your progress.


Review: when we complete work on one of your goals, we discuss your next steps so you have an action plan for building on your achievements independently.